Jun 18, 2009
So I submitted my AMCAS application this afternoon around 4pm. Then I went out to play golf. I just got back and checked my email and AMCAS sent me 5 emails, one of which said:

"Congratulations [FreestyleKayak],

Your AMCAS 2010 application has completed processing. Please log on and
review your application using the Print Application option located on
the right side of the Main Menu.

Important Information:
You are required to review your verified course work and GPA. If you
find discrepancies, or you disagree with changes made during the
verification process, you are responsible for submitting an Academic
Change Request within ten days from the date AMCAS processing is
complete. The Academic Change Request option is available on the right
side of the Main Menu. Please read the online help text for more
information about the Academic Change Request process.

Thank you for using AMCAS."

I should also mention that I applied EDP to MCG. Is it really possible that I was verified in 4 hours? Would they process early decision applicants before regular decision applicants? Or is there a difference between being "processed" and "verified?"

Any and all comments are welcome.


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Jun 8, 2008
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Right, EDP get verified first, because being early doesn't help you with EDP (but the schools need to see them before their EDP deadlines). You don't have the waterfall admission effect to consider with early-decision.
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Jun 18, 2009
Wow thanks for the quick responses! Never though I'd have a four hour turnaround, but I guess it is true. Now I have to rush to get my LORs complete!