Aug 30, 2015
So i got my step 2 cs score report back and i have attached it here. Please take a look at my ICE that even possible? below borderline performance???..
i am a us citizen. Speak fully fluent english. I practiced and studied for two months..i finished all cases, wrote notes, the SP even told me thank u in the end. I counseled. Should i recheck????


Oct 12, 2015
Yes, it's possible to be below "borderline" performance. Otherwise it would be impossible to fail CS. The ICE section isn't testing how well you spoke English or if you handed your patient a tissue when she started crying. It's about asking pertinent questions based on the patient's chief complaint and presentation, performing the appropriate physical exam maneuvers, and writing a note based on your findings.

If you feel the scores don't reflect your performance, though, by all means request a re-grade.