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After years of premed preparation, it’s now just days until the AMCAS opens, and then you’ll be taking a huge step in your med school journey: submitting your AMCAS application. (Deep breath!) It’s exciting, but also stressful: you know the competition is intense, so your application needs to represent you as effectively as possible. Does it?

Timing is Everything When it Comes to Rolling Admissions
One of the challenges of this final stretch of the AMCAS process is the time pressure: it is important to submit your application early in the process. If you wait too long, even if your stats are amazing, you’ll have hurt your admission chances, since schools will have fewer interview invitations and seats available.

On the other hand, you need to submit the best possible application in the allotted window you have. If there are gaps or inconsistencies, or if you haven’t dug deep to explain the significance of your experiences, or if you have errors in your application, you can harm your chances. And no one wants to be rejected.

Three AMCAS Application Tips to Live By
We know that this can be nerve-wracking. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you finish this process successfully, polish their app in time to submit, and get accepted. Here are 3 tips for your AMCAS application review:

1. Carefully review every part of your application.

Double check for factual errors (including mistakes in your titles and hours in your activities). Compare facts that you have in your CV with facts in other sections of your application – everything should match.

2. Review for typos and other careless errors.

Never submit an application without editing it carefully (or getting someone else to edit it carefully). This means more than just running spellcheck on your computer (though you should do that too). Check that each word you write is the correct word, make sure that all essays are formatted properly, and be sure that everything that needs to be filled out is filled out in its entirety.

3. Reread your essay.

It is helpful to have someone else read it, as well. Does it represent you effectively? Does it say something meaningful about you?​

For a professional review of your application, check out our Application Final Check service. We’ll review your app and show you where it needs to be improved, or let you know that it’s ready to go. If there are areas where your application needs some work, it’s much better to discover that before you submit than to find out months later, when you’re waiting anxiously for an interview invitation that will never come.

Get the peace of mind that comes from a strong final review – then submit a stellar AMCAS and move on confidently to the next stage of your medical journey!

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