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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Your 5-Item Checklist for Submitting Your Applications

    Whether you’re applying to b-school, law school, med school, grad school, or college, this checklist will be the same. Don’t hit that “Submit” button until you’ve checked off the following 5 to-do’s: You’ve made sure that your application presents a holistic, multi-dimensional picture of you...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Is Your AMCAS Application Ready?

    After years of premed preparation, it’s now just days until the AMCAS opens, and then you’ll be taking a huge step in your med school journey: submitting your AMCAS application. (Deep breath!) It’s exciting, but also stressful: you know the competition is intense, so your application needs to...
  3. P

    Add LOR after Primary submission?

    Hi, I know that the AMCAS only lets you edit a few things on your application after submitting. I was wondering if you are allowed to add more people onto your list of LOR after you submit? Just as an example I currently have 4 letters but am hoping to get two more from supervisors where I...
  4. D

    Application Submission

    I have already taken the DAT once. I took it last summer in July. I am retaking the DAT at the end of July this year (July 31st, 2017), so I have a competitive application. I know it is recommended to submit the application early, however, I want schools to consider my new DAT scores when I...
  5. HopefulDoc91

    DO Does 3 weeks make a difference when applying?

    I'm thinking about holding off on submitting my application until June 1st when I get my final transcript. This means DO schools would get my application about 3 weeks later than I originally planned. If they get my application by July 10th-ish, is this still considered early? Or am I better off...
  6. HopefulDoc91

    When to submit application?

    Applications open this Thursday, May 4th. I've been planning on submitting right when they open this week. But recently I've been thinking about holding off. I know once I submit all the coursework is locked and you can't update until the next academic update, which is usually in the fall. I am...
  7. H

    Change LOR after it was sent in

    Hello all, I designated 4 evaluators to write me a letter. One has sent his in already and it is seen as received on 7/11/16 and "completed" processing on the AADSAS website. After reading what he wrote, I decided I would like to choose a different evaluator. However, I do not see the red...