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    its almost time to sign up for classes for the spring semester. i wanted your opinions on whether or not i should retake some classes... here's my scenario: freshman year was fine. but sophomore year is when it gets rough. i thought i was superman and figured that i take 3 heavy science classes during the first semester and still do well. i was completely wrong. second semester wasn't as bad but it was still not good. here's what it looks like...

    Genetics - C
    Orgo I - B
    Orgo I Lab - C
    Physics I - C

    Orgo II - C
    Orgo II Lab - C
    Physics II - B
    Cell Bio - W

    For the first semester, i spent all my time trying to survive the class and pass that all my other classes suffered. I looked at the final grades for the class and saw there were only 10 A's out of 250 people!! anyway, second semester wasn't as bad and i got a pretty decent prof for physics... but again, it took all my time. i'm currently taking cell bio now and i think i'll get an A in the class.

    when i register for the spring semester, i'm thinking aobut retaking o-chem 2 and lab again. do you think this is a good plan?? i read other posts saying that retaking a class was ok but how do adcomms look upon it?? i would also like to retake genetics because i can truly say that i learned NOTHING in that class. in the amcas app, you need to put down both grades when a class is retaken, does that mean that the 2 grades will be averaged?? i would definitely take an averaged B over a single C for a class. any input would be appreciated! thanks!

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