Jun 28, 2013
I just finished my last clinical rotation last week and am now preparing to start studying for the NPTE in January.

I plan on using the Giles book/exams (only because my school paid for them), I also am purchasing the O'Sullivan book/exams, and lastly the PEAT exams.

So if anyone would be interested in going over exams and reasonings for answers or just studying/discussing together in general let me know. I'm in southern New Hampshire.

I'm hoping 9 weeks will be long enough as my clinical rotation ended later than most of the students at my school and I had very little time to study during my rotation.
Dec 1, 2013
hi there..i am from LA and studying for jan 2014 npte exam....r u interested to study together thru Skype?let me know asap!!thankyou