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Jul 15, 2002
    I think that space is for any additional info you want to put down for them to consider in your application. They don't have any essays so you could use it as an opportunity to expand on stuff you wrote in your personal statement, talk about a bad semester, or talk about publications, other EC's, leadership roles, whatever.
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    Jan 6, 2002
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      Any idea why there is a space for extra comments on the online application, but not the one that you print out and send? It seems to me that they want you to use that space to explain if you can't get the proper letters of recommendation, or some other problem (they tell you to attach a letter in the printable application). I'm not really sure though. What does everyone else think?


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      Sep 17, 2001
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        you can also use the space to explain why you fit into the school.
        just a little something i found:
        1. jmc has a very strong clinical program. it has a unique philoshpy that allows students to participate in the diagnosis and care of patients
        2. more than 90% of the students participate in the Jeff HOPE program, which is a shelter clinic and health care project created, managed and run by stuents to provide for the homeless and medically underserved individuals
        3. A unique Jeff MOMS program pairs students with mothers-to-be to follow during the prenatal, labor and postnatal experience.
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