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Mar 12, 2008
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Any thoughts on the strengths/ weaknesses of Jefferson versus Drexel for training? I've interviewed at both places, and was pretty impressed with both of the programs. Here's my take on both, but I'd really appreciate some additional input.

My impressions of Jefferson were that the faculty was extremely approachable, the fellows were quite happy, and they seemed to give the fellows good support for research. There was good overall training with fellows getting level two across the board and they paid for Nuc med training/class offered through Drexel. Negatives for me for TJ were the call schedule (not entirely front loaded, nightfloat required during third year). The facilities seemed decent, and there were no obvious holes in training that I saw on my brief visit.

My thoughts on Drexel were essentially the same as for Jefferson, but the ccall schedule is much more front loaded. They have an association with a private hospital that seems to offer them tons of aditional procedure experience if needed without creating too much in the way of scut. My one negative was that I know very little about this program or its reputation. Both programs have active transplant programs.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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