Jan 30, 2020
Hi all,

My wife is a vestibular-focused physical therapist in an (private) audiology clinic with a year of experience before this in a regional hospital (public). We are starting to think about kids and how to strategize career options for her. She has $250k in student loans, so we definitely want to try to go the PSLF route. It makes more sense for me to keep working given my income and income trajectory (corporate finance), but she has expressed a desire to stay involved in her profession once children are in the picture. We don't want to just keep working full time and do daycare, I think she would prefer to be at home with them as much as possible. We realize the first few years until they go to school will be the hardest, and if she just has to sit those out then that's fine. But we definitely don't want her to wait 18 years until they leave the nest for her to return to the workforce. We are trying to think about what she might do to stay involved professionally in a way that would help us tick off some more of those 10 years to get PSLF. I know the main qualifications are being at a public/non-profit institution and working a min 30 hrs/week. Do you have any insight into situations that would work for us? She is open to working non-conventional hours, but probably wants to be closer to the 30-hr a week range. Salary isn't a huge concern since the benefit of PSLF is huge. She just wants to a) keep getting closer to loan forgiveness and b) continue to keep her skills and knowledge fresh/up-to-date.

I appreciate any insight you have!

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