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    A few questions I've got:
    1) What exactly does a MPH do on day-to-day basis? As far as I've been able to make out- a large part is biostatistics?
    2) Can I study for an MPH degree after an undergrad degree in ANY field? Is a PhD necessary afterwards?
    3) If I have a BS in biochemistry, then get a MPH, what are my job prospects? Are they good?
    4) Some info on MD-MPHs would be good-what they do usually.
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    1 - It really depends on what your concentration is. If you're an epi or biostats, most of your work will be quantitative. If not, it really could range rather widely. Industry heavily dictates this as well. It's extremely hard to say more than that without knowing a job title, company/agency, etc.
    2 - Yes, I know people who were journalists, in marketing, medical doctors, in publishing, etc etc before their MPH. Public health is an inherently interdisciplinary discipline. The more the merrier, I say. In terms of a PhD, no. It really depends on what you want to do long term with your career and what industry you get into.
    3 - You'll likely be a solid candidate for getting into research or pharma. Most graduates in epi/bio have favorable job outlooks, which are enhanced further by having a solid natural sciences background
    4 - The only MD/MPH I personally know is are professors in a epi departments at universities who split their time between teaching and research. Anecdotally I know there are more active clinical ones as well, but I don't know any first hand.
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