Feb 28, 2020
Hi everyone :hello:,

I hold a MD degree from another country. I'm considering pursuing PhD, yet the JOB OUTLOOK discussion (linked below) doesn't look as promising as on school websites.

Questioning career/education choices...Public Health is not a good degree

Can't help but wonder if it is the real world situation or just some rare cases.

I'm more into the clinical research/data analysis/scientific writing side than academia/government jobs.

Feel free to comment and share experience about career after public health PhD ... thanks!


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Oct 8, 2016
  1. Attending Physician
There are a lot of great medical/scientific writing jobs that would accept an MD from another country with a PhD. I've been doing part-time and freelance medical writing for 7 or 8 years and I really enjoy it. While you certainly can't go wrong in getting another degree, consider just sticking with what you have. You might need to get creative in your job search, but there are definitely good opportunities out there! I try to include medical writing jobs on the Look for Zebras job board - check it out at Physician Job Openings | Nonclinical | Consulting | Remote | Look for Zebras.

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