Junior Doctor Salary Difference Between NZ vs Aus

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Oct 13, 2017
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Hi guys!

I was curious to know what the salary difference between Australia vs New Zealand was for Junior Doctors/House Officers? I heard that those in Australia make A LOT more money but I was wondering what exactly this difference would be? Does anyone know of any websites or resources to find out more info on this?

Also, does anyone know how the work-life balance differs between NZ or Aus?

Thanks so much for all your help in advance :)

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According to me, Salary for Doctors in Australia is higher than in New Zealand but the cost of living is much higher in New Zealand than Australia. Most of the doctors find suitable pay in both the countries, It depends on their experience, qualifications and working skills. I also work in New Zealand after completing my free health and wellbeing courses in nz and get a suitable salary to earn the expenses. The exact difference between the salaries of Australia and New Zealand is 32%. Australian earn 32% more than Kiwis.
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I can only speak for Australia.

Your renumeration as a Junior Doctor depends on which State or Territory you work in and how much you have to work. If we were to use NSW as a reference, which tends to pay in the middle out of its neighbouring States and Territories, the base rate without overtime or penalty allowances:
Intern = about $70 K (i.e. PGY1)
Resident = about $80 to $110 K (depending if PGY2 to PGY 5+)
Registrar = about $100 to $150 K (depending if PGY4 to PGY 8+)

In terms of quality of life and cost of living, depends where you live in Australia and what your personal expectations are. But generally speaking, living in the cities and surburban areas is expensive with more entertainment around, living in rural areas is cheaper with more country lifestyle albeit can feel a bit isoalted at times. I've worked a variety of terms rural and urban as a junior and senior, and overall my experience has been good.

Good luck!
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