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Apr 7, 2007
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    I decided to try new study habits for my third round of exams (I'm an MS1). Normally, I would cram 3-4 days prior to the exam and do decent on the exam. However, I didn't like feeling stressed and worried if I would pass. So, I changed my study habits. What I did was take all the lectures for that block and space them out so I would study 1/day (and learn it cold then review it the next day or two before I moved on to the next lecture) until the day before the exam, where I would just review all my weak points and do practice questions. I knew the material COLD inside and out. So, you'd think I would do SIGNIFICANTLY better on the exams, right?

    WRONG!!! I actually ended up doing WORSE than if I would have crammed, despite knowing the information solid. WTF?!:mad: What a waste of 2.5 weeks of studying.


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    Apr 30, 2006
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      My two cents: Ideally you would want to study all the lectures of that day on the day of or the day beforehand the actual lectures and you kind of want to have finished reading the material at least a few days before the actual test so you can use those remaining days to just do practice questions and review. I've done the 1/day and it isn't as helpful as the few days free before the exam to review all that material again through Q & A and so forth.
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      May 4, 2007
      1. Medical Student
        it could just be the exams were harder. I always think, if i know the material cold now, it will help alleviate some studying for Step 1. Exams at our school do not have all board-style questions, so they may not be a good indicator of how well you know the material. my 2cents.
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