Just finished high school and I need help on how to get experience


May 26, 2012
2.) If I should be exposed in more than one field for animal experience, what two fields do you recommend?

3.) How many hours should I aim for in animal experience, veterinary experience and animal/veterinary research in order to become a competitive applicant.

4.) So how do I prove to vet schools I did this many hours. For example, I completed a 1000 hours at a local zoo for 4 years and while I'm doing my applications m how can I prove this?

5.) What should I research in specifically if I want to get into veterinary school

6.) Does veterinary experience, animal experience and veterinary/animal research consume a lot of time out of my life outside of the classroom because I don't want this to alter my studies.
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May 27, 2011

I suggest you read this thread as it will answer many of your questions: people who got into vet school this year have offered their GPA, GRE, experiences, and admissions outcomes so you have a better idea of what different schools value. That said, this forum is a self-selected group that leans towards overachieving (just a tad) so don't be intimidated by someone with a kick ass CV as there is always a bigger fish out there.

Not to put you on defense with regards to #s 1 and 6, but make sure you are willing to put forth some extra effort to get experiences. You may need to leave your comfort zone and do some traveling (unpaid) to improve your consideration of the veterinary profession. As an aside to all this, this sort of effort makes great fodder for answering interview questions, especially with regard to how committed you are to pursuing a career as a veterinarian.

As for #5, you should do research because you have a genuine interest in the topic and want to know more about it (and contribute new knowledge for others). Ask a faculty member who teaches in a subject you are interested in about their research interests and go from there.

Hope that addresses a few of your questions