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Apr 18, 2003
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This is from the Smart Practice newsletter, I thought they're kind of interesting.....

Consumer Whitening
In 2003 consumers in the US spent $615 million on whitening toothpaste.
Bleaching kits and other whitening products increased
by 15 percent to $332 million according to AC Neilson.

Dentist Demographics
ADA News reports that 8.5 percent of solo practicing dentists in the US are
female. Of US dentists in practice for 10 years or
less, 34% are female.

72% of business travelers feel that business travel is more stressful than going
to the dentist, according to Microsoft Corporation.

Soda Stats
Researchers from Britain's Birmingham University have
published soda statistics:

+ Drinking four or more classes of carbonated drinks a day raises a 12 year
old's chance of suffering tooth erosion by 252 percent.

+ Heavy consumption of soda pop by 14-year oldsincreases
the risk of tooth erosion to 513 percent.
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