Aug 26, 2014
cGPA: 3.82
sGPA: 3.76

-Undergrad Research Assistant at Behavioral Medicine Lab, 330 hours (no publication, still good experience)
-Clinical volunteering at hospital, 40 hours (still doing this and getting more)
-Shadowing, 20 hours in 3 different areas medicine (more to come)
-Focus Group member to my major (basically the student representatives to my major, biomedical sciences. I wasn't elected but selected by prof in charge)
-Eagle Scout
-Work/Summer jobs (served for about a year at Outback Steakhouse, started working at Sears in June, and currently there as well as my university library)
-Two LORs currently, one from an English teacher and one from the coordinator of the research project I helped work on.

I still need to start my personal statement, and will start studying for the May 2016 MCAT soon.

What do I really need to improve on if I want a good shot to getting an acceptance?


The Immaculate Catch
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Jun 29, 2015
Medical Student
You have a solid app. Literally focus everything on that MCAT and you're set.
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