Sep 29, 2011
Ever since I finished my test yesterday, I have been freaking out. I know that most people feel like this after the test, but I felt much more comfortable after step 1. I'm pretty sure I failed. At least 50% of my questions had some component of OMM in them, often required to make a diagnosis. After going through Uworld twice, and combank once, it felt like a terrible representation of what I was learning. There were also quite a few questions on concepts I couldn't find in the green book.

I already have 5 interviews from allopathic programs, I'm not sure what to do if I fail. Did anyone else have a similar experience with step 2 of the comlex? Any encouragement or kind words would be greatly appreciated


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Mar 24, 2010
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I felt like crap after that test, took mine at the end of August. Also had tons of OMM and crap that didn't make sense. I passed, but my score was pretty disappointing.

My only solace is that OMM isn't something that's even on my radar. And getting that test out of the way was a big part of putting OMM behind me.

What field are you applying to?