Kaplan Behavioral Science vs. Khan Academy 300 pg doc


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Mar 30, 2014
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Both are good resources for different reasons.

The Kaplan BS book has excellent descriptions and examples that KA does not necessarily provide in such a concise manner. That being said, KA has a greater breadth that it will expose you to. With the P/S section, your baseline has to be knowing all of the terms and concepts covered in those resources. However, unlike previous iterations of the MCAT circa 2015-2017, the exam has shifted away from being about memorization to being about reasoning. IMO, the P/S section is similar to CARS but with a heavy content focus. Given the high raw scores in the P/S section, to earn a top score you really have to be on your game. An additional 1 or 2 questions correct can mean the difference between an additional point in your scaled score.

My advice would be to use both. The Kaplan book is pretty short. I used to read one chapter a day before bed and ended up reading the book about 4 times. I used to read the KA text during study sessions and read through it several times.
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Apr 25, 2019
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I personally read through the Kaplan books so I could read content, and then do practice problems to see how well I knew the information. After finishing with Kaplan, I used the KA 100 page compilation to find anything that I or Kaplan might have missed. I wouldn't actually recommend the 300 page document if you do it like this, since you'll already have learned most of the information.

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