Kaplan courses


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Mar 17, 2004
San Diego, CA
    It helped me a lot because I basically had to relearn everything...it had been awhile. The classes are so-so, I had a good teacher and a bad teacher. It's basically what you put into it, if you study the material and go through practice tests in other books as well, you should be fine. I spent five weeks studying and did pretty well. Good luck!:idea:


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    Jan 16, 2004
      Kaplan is what I used to study for the OAT, flashcards and everything......

      some sections in the book go into WAAAY more detail than you need, like photosynthesis; there was only 1 question on the OAT about that (and the answer was NADPA:) i know that for a fact!)
      anyway, also other useless sections in there is like: animal behavior and classification systems and evolution...all that is silly- skip those parts and you'll be ok.

      weird why the OAT wants us to know about "evolution" and "plants"....

      :confused: but jump through the hoops they give you, and you'll be ok.
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