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Kaplan or Princeton


Junior Member
10+ Year Member
Mar 18, 2006
  1. Pre-Dental
    This topic must have been mentioned before, I have been away from undergrad for a while now, I was wondering which MCAT prep course(Kaplan or Princeton) is better in terms of resources and credibility...... If it makes a difference I live in a big city, Dallas.


    it's a smile on the rocks
    10+ Year Member
    Apr 3, 2006
    1. Medical Student
      i have experienced both courses and this is what i learned:

      -different teacher for each subject so they are generally really good at what they do
      -the guarantee is not as great if you read the fine print
      -the practice tests are closer to the real thing than kaplans... kaplans tests are pretty hard as compared to AAMC. (i have not taken the real MCAT but have taken a few AAMCs)
      -the books are denser material-wise so you get a lot more detail than with kaplan

      -one teacher... i guess you can build a relationship but i guess it helps if they can cross analyze techniques across sections
      -more tests.. especially AAMC
      -at my center they would allow you to make appointments and take extra tests whenever you have time (not the case with princeton review)
      -their online resources are phenomenal

      Hope that helps a bit!!! :luck:


      Joga Bonito Baby
      10+ Year Member
      7+ Year Member
      Mar 27, 2006
      1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
        I am in a similiar situation where I am trying to pick between the two. From what I have heard from friends TPR was a better experience. I really dont know how to gauge it. With the upcoming MCAT in 2007 being all computer I am leaning towards Kaplan for two reasons. One, they offer a CBT practice test already on the web. Two, they have a large database of questions online.

        Im still unsure.
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        SDN Angel
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        15+ Year Member
        Nov 15, 2003
        1. Medical Student
          I have taken the Kaplan course and have studied with the Princeton Review books, and I have to say that the Princeton books are MUCH better than Kaplan. If you are disciplined, just buy the books and go through them, especially the Biology book which is excellent. I am not a big fan of Kaplan. Their exams are too hard and some questions are very obscure. If I were you, I would do ALL the AAMC exams out there and study from the Princeton books.

          Good luck!
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