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Hey all,

I just took the "short FL" on Kaplan online (whatever they have that accompanies the book). I haven't taken many FLs yet so I don't have much to compare this to, but this exam felt extremely distant from many questions I've seen on UWorld; not in terms of content, but the quality was just pretty bad tbh especially for P/S (explanations made little sense, typos everywhere).

I got a 128/128/128/128 and I've been studying for ~2 months content review and UWorld with my test in 2 months. Anyone taken this exam and can attest to it being crappy or am I wrong/is this actually what real exams are like? Also does anyone know how deflated Kaplan usually is? I could only find infro from 2015 so IDK if that is still relevant.

Also one last note, what are considered the best third party FL providers?

Thank you

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