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    Hey class of '04, I have a suggestion for you. Many of you will be living in the Woodwinds...and you know there are several cook-out areas inside of the complex, plus >50% of the Woodwinds are KCOM students. For my class, I slated/organized a couple of "social gatherings" prior to & after school started. There are boo-koo grills, a pool, a kiddie-playground area and more or less a park-like area in the middle of the buildings. There are cook outs there all of the time! So, put the word out, pick a date, assign people to bring various items, burn a few burgers, drink a few adult beverages and have a fun time!
    It was a great way to meet many of my classmates. Hell, that's how I met ole Carrie <actually we initially met on old Vic's site>. PLus, the biggest benefit of all...you'll get to meet me...Old Man Dave cause I live in the Woodwinds!! So, be certain to inform OMD and Carrie when the festivities will be...we'll try to gather a few MS-2s for all of you to ask that 10,000,000 questions I know you will have!

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