KCOM rotation sites...quick question!

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Jun 15, 2000
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Hi, I am an applicant to KCOM and I am curious about the rotation system that they use. I am aware that students are assigned to a region. However, I saw a list of rotation sites on the internet and in the Missouri region there were the following sub-headings:

Northeast Missouri:
Cape Girardeau
Jefferson City and Rolla
St. Louis:
Forrest Park

Now are students assigned to the entire state of Missouri and travel from city to city for rotations or are they assigned to one of the sub-categories of the Missouri region and only travel the cities in that region of the state?

Just curious because my wife and I want to not have to travel from one city to another city that is over 100 miles away during the school year. If someone who knows about KCOM (like a student there) would respond, I would really appreciate it!


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OK wannabe, here's how it works: Second-year students at KCOM all participate in a 'match-lottery' in the middle of their second year. Students list their top 5 desired rotation sites; each site has a limited number of slots. The randomized names are then drawn to fill the available slots. For example, when your name is drawn, if there is still a slot available for #1 choice, then you go there. If your #1 site is closed out by the time your name is drawn, then you are placed into your second-choice site; if that site is already filled up, then you go to the third-choice site, and on to the end.

With regards to the Missouri region, there are four different sites, each listed separately in the lottery: St. Louis, Kirksville, Jefferson City, and then SE Missouri (Cape Girardeau and/or Poplar Bluff). If you end up in St. Louis, then all of your required 3rd-year rotations-- eight total-- are scheduled for St. Louis. Ditto for the other sites in Missouri.

Occasionally there will be a student who, for one reason or another, cannot get scheduled to do all their required rotations in their 'home' site. So these students may have to travel to a different site in the region for one or two months. For example, this year, in the St. Louis region, there are 8 3rd-year KCOM students, two of whom have outstate rotations for Surgery and Ob/Gyn in SE Missouri.

Bottom line: for a few students there may be some travel involved from one month to another, but there is usually housing provided at sites you have to travel to, and only a minority of students have to go outside their region.

At least that's how it is this year. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee the same situation for next year. Call the Dean's Office if you REALLY have to get more current info.
Thank you so much for that reply!

It was exactly what I needed to know.