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Nov 19, 1998
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Anyone seen this? It has me worried about the future of KCOM, and at this point I don't want to be worried about the school that I am attending.


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Looks like there is a lot of unrest with recent events at KCOM. I know UHS is having a tumultuous time with its new curriculum changes too. I used to be a faculty member at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota and I found that they too have many unhappy students and faculty, particularly when they try making curriculum changes. When I first started as a faculty member, I was quite surprised at the politics of academia and it's my perception that no school is free from political entanglements. I believe, however, that you are able to trust the system. Faculty and students that speak up and make themselves heard might alarm prospective students and might make the problems look exaggerated - but hopefully it's just part of an effective democratic process that helps move the school forward. The bottom line is their pass rate on the boards - no school wants to compromise their record (Kirksville has one of the best). I can't make a suggestion about your attendance there or anywhere else, but I can recommend that you take comfort that you will still get a good education at KCOM.

Oh, come on... is that all I am gonna get? One reply....?!

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You might get more information, if that is what you are looking for, at www.kcomstudents.org.

In short I wouldn't be worried about the future of KCOM. Sorry, I don't really have time to write much now.

Agreed...I second what Carrie posted. Yes, there were some bugs in the new curriculum...would you expect otherwise? However, I feel the school is trying to work with us to ameliorate the situation.

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