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Mar 3, 2005
It's a new postbacc beginning fall 05. Any one have any information on it. The web site for the program is not very informative. Are there any linkage agreements, interviews granted if you maintain a certain gpa, etc?

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Mar 14, 2004
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Haha. The website is pretty vague. I've given up inquiries on that. 38-40 credits in one year + a research paper/proposal?! If I enrolled in a program that sounds that intense, it better be a well known special master's like Georgetown, BU, RFU, etc. Any reason you're looking at KCUMB specifically? If you're going for osteopathic medicine, I'd consider the programs at the other osteopathic schools. Most of the DO schools have a program of some sort. PCOM's one-year certificate/two-year master's program is pretty established. I'm willing to bet that OSUCOM and KCOM's biomedical master's programs are a lot cheaper than KCUMB's will be. The disadvantage is while OSUCOM and KCOM's can be completed in one year, most students take two. You might also want to consider TCOM's certificate program. If you look at the setup, it looks like it's designed for linkage. I don't know if residency plays a major role though. AZCOM, CCOM, UMDNJ-SOM, Nova, and LECOM have programs too. I can't think of the other osteopathic graduate programs at the moment.

Anyway, every time I called KCUMB they transferred me to this guy:

Name: Byrne, Philip D.
Title: Director
Dept. Student Recruitment Activities
Phone: External Dialing: 816-283-2392
Email: [email protected]

I ALWAYS got his answering machine (and I could swear I called on several occasions at different times), but I never tried emailing. Anyway, good luck!