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Keyhole and Angle Ranking Tips?

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by Elysian12, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Elysian12

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    May 20, 2015
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    For the most part, the rest of the sections I am content with how well I do. However, Keyhole takes me way too long leaving me to rush on the other sections. Any tips on how to approach the problem? Should I go to answer choices first or imagine the object from TFE first etc.

    For angle ranking, I am way to inconsistent. Ill review the 15 questions after my exam and say okay I get it. Ill review the same 15 questions and ill get different answers each time. I have tried laptop method, quick glance method, hill method, and many others. If someone can explain the quick glance method thing in detail that would be great.

    I am using Crack PAT and Bootcamp for PAT section.
    Been getting 18s/19s
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  3. yihaej12

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    Mar 27, 2014
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    I used the quick glance method and for this method its best if you lean back and create some distance from the screen. Look at the interior vertex of angle #1 and then quickly look to the interior vertex of angle #2. Do this back and forth. For this method tho, go with your gut feeling and try not to do this for too long cause i noticed the longer I did it, the angles started to look similar and I couldn't decide (I'm already an indecisive person) so yeah, gut feeling! Also sometimes it helps if i blink when transitioning from one angle to the other. I probably look like i have **** stuck in my eyes or something but hey, if it helps it helps. haha

    For me this technique didn't really work with obtuse angles. I just really sucked at obtuse in general. So for obtuse I used the hill technique most of the time. But sometimes I would imagine a perpendicular line coming off of one of the legs of the obtuse angle and see how much the other leg diverged from this line. The greater the divergence, the larger the angle.

    Also for angle ranking in general, start with looking at the answer choices. Ex: if according to the answers, the only possible largest angles are lets say angle 2 and 1, just compare angles 2 and 1. If 1 is smaller than 2, then you know all the answers saying that 1 is the largest angle are not possible. Then from the remaining answer choices pick out the smallest angle etc etc. Some people suggest that from the beginning to just pick out the largest and smallest angles from the angles that gives you, but for me its easier to eliminate according to the answer choices. And I feel like its more efficient than comparing all the angles at once.

    As for keyhole, I also just went straight to the answer choices, figure out what angle side its showing the keyhole from, look at the object, visualize what it would look like from the angle in the answer choice I'm currently evaluating, and just work around the edges until I see a discrepancy. I know bootcamp keyhole has some super crazy shapes and sometimes super minor differences but on the real dat the differences are more obvious with more obvious answer choices. But i did get some shapes that were like wtf. It had so many sides it just looked like a boulder. I just tried my best guess on those.

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