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Kresge Eye Institute pre-residency fellowship

Discussion in 'Ophthalmology: Eye Physicians & Surgeons' started by Kresge_QI, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Kresge_QI

    Jan 11, 2019
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    Dear applicants,

    If you were one of the unlucky few who did not match this year, I am sorry. It is a difficult process and sometimes great applicants like yourself fall through the cracks. If you are set on Ophthalmology and plan to embark on this process again (you should), we have an amazing opportunity to improve your chances of matching into ophthalmology in the coming year.

    The Quality Improvement (QI) Fellowship at Kresge Eye Institute is a one year, paid, pre-residency fellowship for MDs or DOs who intend to pursue a residency position in ophthalmology in 2021. We are looking for motivated research-oriented applicants.The role of the QI Fellow is to create and execute new research projects, and to assist residents, fellows, and medical students in preparing new projects.

    You will also work two days a week in the resident-run ophthalmology clinic, under direct supervision of an attending physician, and attend all of the resident didactic lectures.

    The experience that I've had as the current QI fellow has really prepared me well for my career ahead. At Kresge, there are numerous resources, friendly and enthusiastic faculty, and an abundance of projects- you can really do anything and everything you want. I have been able to initiate my own projects in fields that I am interested in as well as assist others. It has been a very busy and fulfilling year, and I am so thrilled to have matched.

    If you have any questions about the position, feel free to PM me. If you would like to apply, please send your CAS application packet to Ms. Deborah Chesney, the Program Coordinator, at: dchesney (at) med.wayne.edu

    Thank you, and good luck!
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