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KYCO Academic Issues?


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Jan 2, 2010
  1. Optometry Student
Had a patient return home from Pikeville for the summer report that a significant percentage of the the 1st year class were dismissed/forced to repeat the entire year due to performance in one class.

Is there more to the story than that?
He claims a rookie professor failed a large number despite complaints from many about the teaching style not getting the info across.

Is this going to harm their accreditation status?
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Sep 21, 2017
  1. Optometrist
KYCO has great potential as a school.A wonderful campus in a State with a great practice law that allows full scope primary care.My one great concern for the school's success is the applicant pool and there ability to attract qualified candidates.

Every school fights this but quite frankly the more sub 300 OAT schools allow in the more their board scores will suffer.Not every one in OD school will pass boards and get a license to practice and it not so much the school is good or bad but is predicated on the fact that the class has more at risk students.

I would think one would want to surround themselves with the most academically successful people while training and let things like new equipment or close proximity to family take a back seat.The four years fly by,you deserve the best experience.

That said,the highly qualified will get a great education at KYCO and will have a unique opportunity and exposure to surgical care.

Optometry as a profession has the lowest ultimate pass rate of any medical doctorate program.The advent of new schools is certainly the major contributing factor to this but the $$$$ for these schools is just too hard for these schools to pass up.

My hope is the accreditation council truly holds our schools to the fire
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