Laser hair removal

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Is it really permanent?

Can you get it done on your butt?

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Yes and yes. It tingles :)

Ok, to be honest, I have no idea!
Impressions said:
Is it really permanent?

Can you get it done on your butt?

yes and yes

I've had it done on the back of my neck (so I dont have to get hair cuts every 2 weeks). It is permanent but you have to go in a certain number of times depending on how stubborn/thick the hair is.

I've been about 7 times for the back of my neck and I'm very pleased with the results. (Almost baby skin except for a few small thin hairs)

By the way, it kind of hurts.
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Yes it's permanent. Like the poster said above, you have to go in for multiple treatments.

For my chest and stomach, it took about 5 treatments. For each successive treatment, the intensity of the laser was increased. By the last treatment, it really hurt! But it's been pretty permanent. This was almost 6 years ago.

I'm sure you can get in for your buttocks. Maybe they charge extra for that service :laugh: :laugh:
woah thats good..

im getting this done on my..
chest and back..
my chest arnt thick but theres alot... my back hairs are very thinnn...

how much treatments with this take? and how much would the cost be? aprox
Please refrain from asking personal medical questions. Your questions can only be answered by a board certified dermatologists, and not by anybody on this board who has never seen you in person.
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