Jul 9, 2014
Hey guys! My test is at the end of this month and i feel like i am forgetting everything I finished uworld in September and i have been focusing mainly on FA since then. People at my school told me that i have to know every single bit of info in first aid to get a decent score. There's no way I'd be able to memorize first aid like that. I know most of the stuff and I get good amount of questions right based on logical reasoning. Most of my incorrects are the ones that requires straight recall. So far my scores are

NBME 15 : 247 (10/7)
NBME 13 : 243 (09/25)
UWSA 1 : 260 (09/23)
UW avg : 75%

NBME 16 : Next week

What do you guys think about my progress? Is it normal to feel like this? Target is 240-250. I hate to be that guy who is always worried but i feel like i am going to screw up my test because of this anxiety.


Jun 7, 2013
Medical Student
If you've been writing down the factoids that you are getting incorrect due to straight recall then I would recommend just going over those again and again until they are committed to memory. Seems like you are right on track to reach your goal. I wouldn't do things differently as they seem to have been working for you thus far. Just keep going to through questions and try to commit the little facts to memory as much as possible. Maybe make a sheet with the facts that you seem to keep forgetting and read them before bed. Go through your incorrects in the qbank, and write down the facts. I think you will be just and anxiety is normal for all of us with an exam of this nature. I wish you luck on your exam!