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Jun 1, 2014
I know there's a bunch of late application threads on the page and I hate to make another but I'm freaking out too.

So I just took my dat sep 2, got a 23AA, 23TS and 18 PAT. 3.2 gpa probably slightly higher science, dont know yet. I had one really bad semester my first semester of college after which I transferred.

I know I'm really late but I wasn't sure if I was going to apply until I got my DAT score.
DAT scores havent uploaded yet. My 2nd transcript will be sent out tomorrow express mail. I'm getting my rec letters finished within the next two weeks. Personal statement will be done by this weekend.

Should I submit as soon as my transcript has uploaded? I'm guessing its going to take another 10-15 days (hopefully less) for my transcripts to upload and 4-5 weeks for processing. That puts me mid-end of October for everything. Applying to Columbia, NYU, Stony Brook, probably Rutgers maybe BU and Case Western. Prefer to stay in NY by a long shot.

Do I even have a chance that late?