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Aug 29, 2002
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Hello group,

I am looking at our timetable and shortly we are learning
and practicing injections on one another. I am really nervous about
this for several reasons and I'm sure other people have probably been
through this so it would be good to hear some past experiences.

We are divided into groups of 8 and have a clinical tutor for each
group. We are supposed to practice intramuscular and subcutaneous
injections on partners, specifically it says in the detloid,
dorsogluteal & ventrogluteal regions. I am nervous for a couple of
main reasons - I really hate injections and can't imagine actually
jabbing one of my friends. I am also nervous about the exposure
required to pracice some of these (esp. dorsogluteal) - how much
exposure is necessary?

Anyway I will probably learn a lot but it seems pretty scary...


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Oct 8, 2002
When I was in nursing school we were not allowed to practice on each other, something about violating OSHA rules or something. I personally would not want another student practicing on me. We had fake arms and buttocks to practice IM injections on and to practice starting IVs on.

A better way for y'all to get some practice would be to man a flu shot clinic. In my last semester of nursing school, we gave flu shots at the mall for a clinical experience. I gave over 30 IM injections that day, and I felt very comfortable giving them after that.
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