Learning problem

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Apr 28, 2002
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I am posting this for a friend of mine.
She thinks she has learning disability or something like that.
She studies really hard, using all possible techniques: colors, cards, etc.
She was not able to get a high score on chem. She is really scared that she would not succeed on other pre-med science subjects .

Other subjects seem to be fine: A-, B+

Any suggestions to find out if she really has learning problem? Thanks


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Aug 2, 2002
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Originally posted by CareRx
Any suggestions to find out if she really has learning problem? Thanks

The only definite way to find out whether she has a learning disability is to get tested for it. Her school should have a person who does this sort of testing, or at least can put her in touch with a testing service.

If she does, and she can get it documented, then depending on the severity, she can have accomodations made for her, i.e., more time on tests, separate room, someone to read test out loud for her.

However, if in the event she *does* find out that she has a LD, then the question must be asked whether she can do well in medical school given the LD that she may have.

Good luck.

- Tae