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Leave Mayo Clinic or stick around?

Discussion in 'Re-Applicants [ MD / DO ]' started by chelu55, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. chelu55

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    Nov 8, 2004
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    Simular to most posts this is a topic in which serious advice would be much appreciated. I am currently a pharm. tech at Mayo Clinic. For the past six months I've been trying to go part time so I could take more science undergrad. classes. My number one focus is to take classes to boost my gpa. I've tried transfering positions internally but to no prevail. Even though my job is not clinical I do work outside the outpatient pharmacy. I have experience in oncology, institution, ect.. I'm to a point where I am considering leaving Mayo. Do you think this is a good idea? As we all know Mayo Clinic is an excellent institution and would hate to burn this bridge. But without a good gpa Im stuck. Should I just bite my time until something comes around. Should I say good by and start taking classes?Any suggestions? I've considered getting certified as an emt. I'll get more clinical experience especially if Im able to work at a ED. If possible.
  2. cubbbie

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    Aug 5, 2004
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    You're right to focus on the classes and the GPA. Everything else is a distant second. And I don't think you'd be burning any bridges by leaving a job.

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