LECOM - Bradenton Anatomy Day-Schedule

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Hey all fellow LECOMers. Does anybody know what our schedule for the first 13 weeks of anatomy will be like? Are we in the classroom and laboratory all day long or is it for a few hours a day? Do we participate in our PBL groups during the first 13 weeks or is it strictly anatomy classes? I am just curious as to what the schedule is like so if you could help me out I would appreciate it a whole bunch.

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lecom-bradenton will run similar to lecom-erie for the first few weeks... anatomy will run i think 13 weeks (maybe shorter since we're starting in september)... and its just anatomy (lecture and labs) because they want to get that out of the way quick... after that we will break up into our pbl groups and go from there...
I am not quite sure as to how its all going down, but I did want to add something to the conversation.

I have had the opportunity to meet two of the anatomy professors (Dr. Liuzzi and Dr. Coty) and they are very cool as well as intelligent. I know a lot of med students at the University of South Florida College of Medicine who have taken them and everyone remarks about how great they are as professors and people.

On another note, it is not going to be easy! :scared:

Just a heads up for ya!

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Thanks for the info.

I appreciate it.
I thought we also took other classes as well, like histology, immunology, biochemistry...

Any idea? I wonder when they will start sending us more detail. BTW: I'll be in Bradenton next weekend looking!
Dr. John told us in our luncheon that FLECOM is only going to have 10 weeks of anatomy
(nicedream) said:
Gr8n - how'd you meet the prof's?

For the last year and a half I have been doing Neuroscience Research at the USF Medical School... I met the professors there. They are really good/cool people--and they know how to teach! (Again, as for the coolness, I know personally, I have met them... but as for the good professorships, I have been told by plenty of the MSIs and MSIIs that I know). The students I know also said that these profs will definitely prepare us for the boards and, most importantly, life as osteopahic physicians.

Nicedream - You are the man :cool: with that website! Good Job!!!

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I think someone has already posted this before, but if not...

Here's how it worked in Erie this year: There were lectures and labs scheduled 8-5 almost every day for the first 13 weeks (anatomy, embryo, histo and OMM). We didn't actually have to spend 8 hours a day, every single day at school because the anatomy labs were split into groups, and if your group wasn't scheduled, you got a free afternoon. Every Friday afternoon, we met with our PBL groups for 2 hours to work on cases. After the finals for embryo, histo and anatomy, we had around a week and a half to finish up the cases, finish our reading, then take our first PBL exam.

During that first 13 week block, we also had to do our core compentency tests for biochem (first 9 chapters), pharm (first 5 chapters) and we were supposed to do path, but got it pushed back until after the first PBL exam.

After that, we only had to go to school for OMM, our group meetings and little classes like Spirituality in Medicine, Ethics, Heath Care Management.

I hope this helps a little! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. :)
Hi everyone!! Just got my acceptance for LECOM-Bradenton today! Yea!! I'm very excited to be able to access PBL because I worked in an ER for two years and know a little about a lot, but haven't been able to make it come together with my post-bacc classes. I LOVE working with other people in small groups and am ready to rock the PBL curriculum ... I'm a little older tho - anyone else over 25? I'm 29 ... will be dirty 30 when school starts.
specialkay said:
I'm 29 ... will be dirty 30 when school starts.


Age is nothing but a number...besides...."dirty 30" sounds cool! :cool:

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congrats specialkay! you, dirrrty 30, you :laugh:
You guys are in for a treat with Dr. Jonathan Leo as your anat prof.

He was anat and neuro for us. Super, super good guy.

Our loss - your gain.