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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by mr russon, Jun 13, 1999.

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    Dec 24, 1998
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    Just checking in to see if anyone is anxious for the orientation scheduled for the week of the 26th/ Just checking to see how everyone is preparing for the upcoming semester, since I do believe we are one of the only schools that I know of that begin official classes that early in August. If anyone has any information or any news in regard to their status for the upcoming year , please post so we can become acquainted.
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    Attending Physician

    When is your orientation/class start date? KCOM orients 15 August [Sun] and classes begin on the 16th.

    I take it you have chosen to go to LECOM instead of waiting on KCOM? Were in your predicament, I would have done the same. Best of luck and success to you!

    And remember to be certain to "have a life" along the way!

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03

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