LECOM Post-Bac...Good Back-Up Plan?

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Mar 7, 2006
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I have finally begun to get my life in order and start getting better grades. I have only failed 3 classes (Bio 1, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Microeconomics) and it was all because of a lack of maturity. I am now a year older and at a different and better college (Pitt) and am getting decent grades (A's and B's mostly). Right now, by overall GPA is about 2.8, and I have three semesters left if I cram my semesters full.

I am retaking Bio I and may retake A&P. I am well aware that I may have some trouble getting into medical school, but am working hard to correct the past. I will be applying to DO schools only, including LECOM. I have good ECs and great LOR, but I am not sure about the GPA part due to the classes I failed.

Should I apply to DO schools and the LECOM Post-Bac program simultaneously to ensure that if I do not get into Med School I will at least be able to start something to help me?