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Jul 10, 2006
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Hi everyone!
I was just accepeted at OU-COM - I liked the school a lot.. but a week ago I went to the open house at LECOM - and that school seemed to be really nice too :confused:
I did not send the secondary application to LECOM yet. The chances are high that I will get in if I do apply.
what whould you choose??
Also - does anyone knows about the surrounding area - the cost of living and the qualinty of public shools near both LECOM and OUCOM ( i have a 5-year old I need to be thinking about too):)


OUCOM has a better reputation, has been around longer, is associated with a university, smaller class size-more attention, has a better residency affiliation (CORE), and there are no threads on SDN saying anything bad about OUCOM, better board pass rates, etc etc. Look around and see how many negative threads there are about LECOM-that should tell you something.

I think the answer is clear.


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Mar 23, 2007
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thats what I've heard aswell
I interviewed at booth but everyone that I know as OUCOM in a little nuts because of the suroundings
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