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Sep 16, 2001
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is it true that professors distribute lecture notes several days prior to each lecture? is that true for every class at keck or just some?....does every class have student-run transcript service?

also...can someone please explain to me what the multidisciplinary lab groups are.


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Jun 24, 2001
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I TAed the biochem course and yes, all handouts were made available at the beginning.

The MDLs are rooms where you have your own desk, with an Ethernet connection. For first-years there something like 5 or six of these rooms (giving somewhere near 30 kids in a room) and you often work together on course-related problems, or meet with a prof to discuss topics.


So what's the scoop; what classes are skipable at keck? in undergrad I rarely attended class, especially if the prof lectured and tested from a text. i'm wondering if the lectures at Keck are lendable to self-study.
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Mar 4, 2002
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Originally posted by calbears84
yeah...i heard it's common for usc students to skip class

I'm going to pay up the butt so I'll make sure I go to every damn_class.



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Aug 3, 2002
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you get notes handed to you before class (at least most of the time).. which you can read on your own and decide to go to class or not..

obviously... the best method of studying is to preview your notes first.. and then go to lecture so you have an idea what the hell the prof/doctor is talking about.. it definitely helps if you have the discipline to do it though..

don't worry.. the first week of class for you 1st years.. dr. lattore and company will teach you how to study plus give you psych evals (i kid you not).. a big waste of time imho.. but don't worry.. you'll be getting swamped with information in no time.. good luck everyone
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