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Apr 9, 2004
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When forming your AACOMAS Science GPA (aka BCPM) one can include such classes as geography, geology, meteorology (my major), yet not include math classes. This is very strange to me. I found the following passage from their site. Can anyone please confirm this? Thank you.

"Compute your GPA and credit hour totals for science, non-science, and combined, as well as by year. The Science category would include all courses with subjects of Biology, Organic, Biochemistry, Other Science, Physics, and Inorganic Chemistry. Non-science would include courses with subjects of Math, English, Behavioral Sciences, and Non-science. "--AACOMAS


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Jun 23, 2003
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Well you took that from the AACOMAS site, so my guess is that it has been confirmed. If you're filling it out now, don't bother -- the next cycle's doesn't start until May. The classes in question would fall under, "other science" and count. However, I seriously doubt geography would count. Geology and Meteorology probably but I'm not positive. Call them and ask.

A note, when you fill this out make sure you list things by year and not by semester. For example, for classes you took in Fall 200 and Spring 2001, both will all be listed as 2000.
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