Letter of Intent - E-mail or Snail mail?


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Jan 8, 2005
    By what means should I send my LOI?

    Who should I address it to?

    I have not been waitlisted but my #1 choice school has yet to offer me an acceptance. I know it's early, but with rolling admissions my chances will only diminish with time, so I figured it would do more good now than later.

    Any advice would be appreciate it as I am trying desperately to get this letter in by tomorrow.



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    Feb 28, 2006
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      snail-mail and address it to either the admissions director/admissions committe/dean of admissions whoever the letter for interview/secondary came from
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      Jan 25, 2005
        shouldnt letters of intent only be sent once you've been waitlisted?

        isnt a letter sent earlier than that an indication that you're just impatient for their decision on your file?

        I don't necessary agree. I think it would be better to let them know that you really want to attend their school before the decision than to beg your way in afterwards just in case you're waitlisted.. if it is your #1 choice school.


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        Jun 29, 2006
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          Different schools like them in different formats. Some like emails with attachments and some like hard copies. Schools will let you know and can also tell you who to address it to.


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          Jun 5, 2006
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            I would do snail-mail. I would not necessarily wait till you get waitlisted to send in a letter either. I think it shows genuine interest if you take the time to send something to a specific school. Hopefully adcoms feel the same way!
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