Medical Letter of Recommendation no longer being sent, but then potentially sending it later

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Sep 30, 2008
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One of my letter writers is taking much longer than anticipated to write their letter and we decided to just mark the letter as "no longer being sent". However, AMCAS says that if the letter is received later, they will go ahead and send it to the schools anyway. Is it a valid strategy for my recommender to just send the letter later so that the schools still get it, but mark it as "no longer being sent" now so that the schools don't wait for it and delay my application processing? This feels like a good idea but I'm worried that it will annoy the schools or come off as unprofessional.

I think that's fine, but obviously you just need to ensure you have the minimum number of letters through other means. And you may want to question whether this additional letter is really additive.

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