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    So I'm doing some research this summer with someone I worked with before I started med school, and I'm going to be able to crank out a poster and a paper. Should I get a letter of recommendation for my file in case I'd like to use it for residency apps? It's just that residency applications are so far down the line, and I don't think I'll be seeing this person between now and then (this person is at another medical school). And I'm still not sure what I want to go into. I might just fall in love with another specialty come 3rd year. Also, when I asked this person to write a letter for me for medical school, she asked me to write it myself and then she'd add anything else she could think of and sign it. If I remember correctly, she only added one more paragraph. So should I even bother? I don't really want to write my letter again, and I don't know how useful a letter that's a couple of years old is going to be.
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    I don't know about the LOR, but I do know that your avatar is hard to look at!:D
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    Most residency programs are not interested in letters that are more than one year old so unless you are going to work with the person as a third-year medical student or ask again once you reach that point, any old letter will be worthless.
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