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Jan 23, 2004
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    Ok, so now let's talk about getting the LOR from a D.O. -

    I don't really know any D.O.'s personally. There's only one or two in town and about 15 within a 25 mile radius.

    I began by using the simple expedient of picking up the phone book and calling their offices and asking if I could come in and shadow them for a day or so.

    One told me their office was too small to accomodate that (huh?) and the other told me that medically and legally, he couldn't do that. Seems strange since I've been invited to shadow someone in an ER.

    So, what are some recommendations on getting a LOR from a DO?

    About LORs in general - my A&P professor was a former pediatrician from Brazil and I know she'll give me a good LOR. My Gen. Chem. professor is a PhD and was actually the one who encouraged me to go to med. school. Would those two be ok?

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      You may want to do a search about this topic. There are a number of great threads about this very topic.

      I would suggest a different approach to the office staff. You don't need to shadow a DO to get the LOR. Tell them you would like a short interview with the doctor. Fax the doc your personal statement and a bit about you before you meet with them. ANd bring a letter of recommendation that you are going to use and give it to them with an envelop to send it to your pre-med advisor. Make sure they sign the outside stating you haven't seen the letter.

      That is exactly what I did. But I found my DO through the AOA web site. I looked up the officer in my area and emailed him.

      If you live near a DO school, you could call them and get a name from them of a DO in your area that may be able to help you. YOu could also call the schools and ask them for any alumni in your area that would let you shadow them. I tried the phone book and like you found NO ONE who would let me come in.

      Good luck.
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