Letters of Recommendation from Rotations

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Hi, For those of you who have already done summer rotations in the U.S. or Canada---when obtaining your letters of recommendation( for future Program Directors in your residency of choice), did you have them sent your letter to a 'letter forwarding service' in your med school in Ireland (that is, if Irish med schools have a 'letter of recommendation' filing service or something equivalent?) or did you just have your referee send them individually to your programs of interest? For example, when applying to med schools, my undergrad school has a letter of reference filing service---all my referees just mailed their letters to the premed office and the office just sends copies of letters to each of the schools (for a fee of course!). It's nice because I don't have to keep asking the referees to send stuff. If I sound completely clueless about the process, I am!--and would like your advice on this.Thanks!