Lifestyle/Salary of various Neuro-subspecialties

Discussion in 'Neurology' started by BillyRubinstein, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I know this topic had an attempt at a discussion a few yrs back...i checked old threads...but no one really answered it.

    Does anyone know where we can find info. on the lifesyle and salaries of various subspecialties of Neurology??? It's bugging me...because this is going to impact my decision, but I cannot find any info on it.
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    The problem with this kind of question is that the mean variance of salary by region,city, and practice type makes the data essentially impossible to draw conclusions from. A neuromuscular specialist in an academic practice in Boston makes a salary far different from one in Topeka. As far as lifestyle, this also varies greatly, depending on the size of the practice, and the degree to which you can specialize within that practice. For instance, if you're joining a small practice that has admitting priveleges at multiple hospitals, then your calls are going to be frequent and busy. Junior members of a large neurology practice often don't get to see only the cases they choose to specialize in, but rather have to "share the load" of the patients that nobody wants to deal with, which can make for an annoying time-sink.

    In my opinion, the best way to get useful answers to these questions is to ask around when you are on your interviews. Your candidate programs should be able to give you some ballpark answers to your questions, and/or put you in contact with some of the specialists so you can ask them directly.

    The bottom line is that within any subspecialty, you can likely find a practice that will suit your lifestyle, unless you want to make $800 grand a year and work three days a week. Choose a specialty that you actually enjoy, and the rest will follow.

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