List of schools friendly to out-of-state students (aka where should I apply)


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Nov 6, 2003
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I'm going to be applying this summer for the class of 2006 and trying to figure out a list of schools that would be a good fit for me. (aka where i could get in). Before you all start going crazy, I have looked at the MSAR already and come up with a generic list, but I just wanted to see what people who have been through the process say. I'm an alabama resident, but i go to school in Texas. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get Texas Residency at the time of my application, so I know that will be a problem with the UT schools.

My numbers are fairly average (prolly below average for most people on this forum): 3.5/30 (9/10/11). Double majoring in bioengineering and religious studies (bioethics concentration). Have a fair amount of clinical stuff: EMT, international volunteer experience, operating room intern, doctor shadowing, etc...

To me, an MD is an MD, so I'm not really picky about where I go to med school. I woudl just really like to go to a US school rather than heading to the Caribbean (though I will probably send an app or 2 there just in case things don't work out as i plan)

My current list is as follows (please update/add whatever schools u think i should look at):

Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham
Univ. of South Alabama
Wake Forest
George Washington
Emory (prolly a reach)
Northwestern (reach, i know)
New York Medical College
Case Western
Rosalind Franklin
St. Louis

and then i'm prolly gonna fill out the TMDSAS just to try out the UT schools..

Any advice that ANYONE can give would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a ton. :)


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Dec 25, 2004
You should apply to Cincinnati. Their average is the same as your numbers, and they take lots of out of state people. In Ohio, out of state students become residents for tuition purposes after 1 year.


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May 3, 2004
Look into AECOM since your avg. is pretty good for an acceptance there. Maybe add some schools in Cali and Oregon since this process is so random. Anyway, good luck in the upcoming rush. :luck: