LIU/CW Post PsyD

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Mar 18, 2007
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I haven't heard of anyone interviewing/being accepted there...has anyone heard from them?

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I'm not sure if you meant that you haven't heard of anyone being accepted post-interview, in which case I have no idea.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I read on here previously that someone or someone's friend went on the interview day. I got a rejection letter from them that was dated February 27th, which I received a little over a week ago. :(
They called me this past Friday (the 16th) about an acceptance offer. If you are waiting for acceptance after an interview I wouldn't worry because maybe they didn't call everyone all at once, and also there was a bad ice/snow storm this past weekend so things might be delayed? :luck:
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If you really want to know, a friend of mine called to see where he stands, and they were very straighforward and honest with him.

They called me about an acceptance offer last Friday (3/16) too, while I was in the car with my boyfriend going from my sister's wedding to the reception in a snow/icestorm, right after we crashed into a snowbank...I was still crying, I think they thought I was that excited. Not funny at the time, but it is now :laugh: