PSYD Application

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Tobi Fidelis

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Jan 12, 2024
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Good evening Everyone. It’s nice to be on here.
Background- BSC in Psychology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Moved to the states in 2021 and joined the military. Getting out of the military next year. Putting in my package for the PsyD program before the end of the year.

I’m interested in Getting a PsyD because it aligns with my goals. Mainly Interested in Clinical Psychology (PSYD) because it’s my own way of helping make the world a better place. The Grad school Programs I’m looking at are

Baylor University
Rutgers University
Georgia Southern University
Nova Southeastern University

Pls I need any and all assistance I can get if you attend any of the above schools listed pls you can respond on here and I’ll get in touch with you. Looking for a mentor and someone who can advise me on the next way forward to ensure my application is top notch and of good quality. Once again it’s so nice to be on here.

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