Sep 26, 2014
Hi, does anyone live in one state but work in another? Example NJ and NY? I'm thinking of taking a job that is still within commuting ability for me or driving since its at the border but is afraid I will have to pay loads of extra taxes and I don't know how it really works. As you know as pharmacist a load of our income already goes to taxes. I want to know if I should actually move but then I would have to find a place and pay rent. I just want to think and plan ahead if anyone has any similar situation or experience. Do you end up paying more taxes than if you lived and worked in only one state? Thank you
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Aug 10, 2009
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i live in virginia, work in maryland. they automatically tax me in both states, and it took 4 months going back and forth with CVS before they stopped taxing me in maryland. im now only taxed in virginia. during tax times i will have to file a non-resident tax form to maryland and get every penny back. i've been through this before when i live in mar;yland and worked in washington, DC.

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Jan 18, 2014
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I lived in Iowa and worked in Illinois, never had any tax issues. Actually worked out pretty good. Iowa had much lower property taxes and was worth it. It all depends on if the states have a reciprocal agreement. If so, it should be pretty easy provided your company know how to do it
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